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Your Windows system will run faster, will crash less often, and more secure
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Super Utilities Pro is a good system maintenance utility. It has almost all the tools required for cleaning and speeding up a Windows operating system.
The system cleaner section tab has a disk cleaner to delete unnecessary files like those in the Recycle Bin, Internet Explorer History and Cache files, Temporary files, etc. You can also use it to scan for specific file types (like *.tmp, * etc). which are created by software applications for temporary use.

“System cleaner” also holds the registry cleaner. Well, I'd say the registry cleaner is not very effective in scanning and detecting errors. Backup, restoring of registry and undo the cleaning are very useful options, especially if the program itself makes some error. The “uninstaller plus” is an uninstaller tool which can remove a program effectively from Windows, or the remnants of old programs that have not been uninstalled completely. It can also scan for shortcuts to remove invalid ones. The scanning is quite fast.

“Memory Turbo” can free up the memory, by paging the processes which are not active to virtual memory. This is only useful for systems with less RAM, when you are not able to run a big program.

There is a security section, where you can remove Spyware, monitor start-up objects and Internet Explorer add-ons and passwords, etc. There is a “security task manager” which can be used to monitor running processes. You may kill an unwanted process (if it is not needed currently and is using up too much memory) or even delete the file without much searching for it (in case you think it is a virus or spyware).

The “privacy protector section” can be used to do many tasks. You can hide any folder/file or set the common attributes like “read only”, “hidden”, etc. “Tracks Washer” can erase history in some programs like “Recent Documents" in Word, Excel, etc. Also, it can clean Internet history, cookies, etc. But not many programs are supported. This feature must be improved. Internet explorer privacy settings for specific site addresses can be easily set in the “IE Privacy Manager”. Anyway, all these are simple tasks which can be done if you know about Internet Explorer Settings and Windows Control Panel. However, all the tasks are easily available in one program and will be helpful for novice users.

“Super EXE Lock” can be used to lock an executable program with a password. “Super Shredder” can completely delete a file from the hard disk so that no recovery program could ever bring it back. “Super Menu Guard” can be used to enable/disable menu items in Windows start menu or Internet Explorer favorites without deleting them.

“The Window Manager” in the “System Maintenance section” can set properties for currently open windows, like maximize, hide, on-top of other windows, etc. It is not much of practical use, just a fancy item. Advanced Internet Explorer settings can also be set in the “System Maintenance” section.

One thing I liked about this program is the super utilities menu which can be accessed by right clicking on the desktop or any folder. It can be modified to show important tasks which we need like invoking the command prompt (or DOS), lock the computer, super utilities' features like show/hide special objects, erase tracks, free memory, etc. "Goto folder" menu can be set with any number of folders. The "set number of drives" option is interesting. It can be set to view E, F, G etc. drives (CD Drives), even if they do not exist. Now, this is not a virtual drive tool, but is only useful if any virus or registry change has hidden one of your drives.

A lot of other features make this program a good one. The version reviewed here is 9.3.

Zack Martin
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  • A lot of features
  • A Powerful Hex Editor


  • Not a good Interface
  • Registry Cleaner is not effective
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